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Like its sibling the SUP, with the Surf Ski you can make your experience whatever you want. Workout on the smooth inshore waters, tour with friends or venture out onto open water in big conditions. Were here to help you get started fun, safe, and quick.

Tula has a fleet of Surf Skis (or SSK) that range from durable stable trainer boats up through faster lighter intermediate craft, this allows us to help interested paddlers get on the water to race, for fitness or just to explore farther and faster in safety .

Give us a call if you have any questions. If you have never paddled a Surf Ski
befor even our trainers will be the fastest you have ever gone in a paddle craft.

Surf Ski Rental:

Epic V7 durable and stable training ski, PFD, touring kayak paddle, includes;15 minutes of familiarization and safety training...........$40.00/ 2 hour....$60.00/3 hour...$90.00/whole day

Performance paddle..................................................$10.00/2 hour.....$15.00/3 hour...$40.00/whole day. note: the performance paddle or "wing paddle" requires a very specific stroke. It is very efficient but will cause a degree of instability in paddlers that are new to it. It is often best to use the regular flat touring kayak paddle on the first outings in a Surf Ski.

Surf Ski training programs:

Introduction to SSK:This is a hour long group event geared around a fun safe familiarization paddle with a standard kayak touring paddle. It is offered at specific events and times and involves a quick beach/dockside familiarization then an hour on the water with a guide.........$45.00/person (4 max) please ask for available dates.

Paddler Development Program (PDP): a four session (6 hour) training program based on a paddler brand new, but, committed to mastering the SSK. It is a one on one program with an instructor present the entire time. Equipment is provided for every session and the hour and a half training time is HANDS ON training time, BUT, may partially consist of off water training in set up and care of the craft. The goal of this program is to get the paddler comfortable and safe in the SSK and eligible for the Tula SSK team (outlined below)

PDP Curriculum:

Session 1: SSK (Surf Ski) familiarization, SSK set up, remount, beach launch/exit, dock launch/exit, wing paddle stroke (introduction), steering and handling/brace stroke (basic).

Session 2: wing paddle stroke (lots of it!!!)

Session 3: wing paddle stroke (more!), intermediate boat handling/brace stroke (maybe a little wake riding)

Session 4: beach launch, bay paddle or downwind

$60.00/session.... $240.00 total program price. +tax

Team Tula SSK:

After an individual has completed the above program they will have the knowledge and skills to setup launch and practice in a SSK solo. A member of the team pays a monthly membership in order to secure a boat for a block of training time at the Marina Shores location. They call and reserve their weekly workout times by the Sunday before and then come in and launch into Long Creek.

Membership also includes one hour of coaching per week. Coaching can consist of wing paddle stroke technique, workout program development, boat handling or down wind advisement. (note: down winding requires a trip to the bay so loading and transit time will be counted)

Team Tula SSK consists of 3 hours of SSK time per week (12 hours per month) 1 hour of the weekly total will be coached (all must be scheduled by Sunday of the week before) hours can be carried over week to week but not month to month.................................$300.00/month payable on the first of the month.

TTSSK members will also receive special rates on performance SSK rentals and assistance preparing and gearing up for local SSK races as well as special events such as club down winds and fun races.

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media or inquire for upcoming special events at local races, and surf ski training camps (surf passage downwinding etc.)